Review: Stranger Things 4

I watched Stranger Things Season 4 volumes 1 and 2. If you haven’t watched the series, then you are sleeping on what I believe is the best storytelling on Netflix. This season provides the origin of the “Upside Down” and its connection to the town of Hawkins. Before there was Eleven, there was One.

We continue this journey in Hawkins, Indiana, Los Angeles, California, and in a Russian maximum security prison. This season connects everything back to the beginning and tells a great story of how it all began and why the town of Hawkins is doomed.

Each of the main character’s journeys forced a significant change within themselves and each other. Everyone’s Vedemons become relatable to the audience. Vecna’s backstory is powerful and explains why he is the villain in this series.

It takes everyone in three locations to stop Vecna, which comes with a cost. The ending is another cliff-hanger and sets up season five, the series finale. I imagine epic turning points and a lot of tears.

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