August 19, 2022

Week three of the new job is coming to an end. My boss noticed the change from my initial enthusiasm and felt I was no longer enjoying the job. I agreed with her assessment but wasn’t ready to give her feedback. She left the ball in my court, telling me she couldn’t help if she didn’t have specifics.

I had to contact a woman who is the head of IT Release Management to coordinate a product release. Her response to my query was ruthless aggression because the technical leads didn’t follow a process, and she denied the launch date. I escalated the situation to my boss, who told me to add the woman to the project chat so the technical leads could address her questions/needs. Well, that turned into a stream of debates, both hilarious and disappointing.

My dog, Sammy, is throwing up; it’s been going on for a while. We have to find a vet. I don’t trust vets because last year, we took one of our dogs, Maxx, to have his eyes checked due to an abnormal mucus build-up. As the vet was giving Maxx an examination, he scratched his face creating a bleeding hole that wouldn’t close. The vet said she didn’t see anything wrong with Maxx’s eyes and insisted on dental work. Maxx died a month later, August 20, 2021, one day before my birthday.

Happy Friday.