December 21, 2022

This morning I learned that Franco Harris died.

Winter is officially here.

Last night, my wife shared a situation that happened at our local tire shop. She needed a tire repaired and waited 3-hours and during her wait, a man arrived needing his tire repaired and didn’t want to wait.

It is important to note both my wife and the man were walk-ins.

Moments later, the man’s car was ready for pick up but my wife was still waiting for the tire repair. When my wife followed up she learned that the man “tipped” the service writer in order to move ahead of the line. She made it a teaching moment because she didn’t want that to happen to someone else.

I didn’t go to the company holiday party, last night. Based on what I was told, I’m glad I didn’t. Cougars, cliques, and drunks – oh my.

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