May 17, 2023

Yesterday, while walking to a grocery store for lunch, someone asked, “How’re you doing, black man?” I turned and said, I’m good; how are you?”. He told me he was homeless and asked me to pray for him. I told him I would and continued to the store. On my way back, I gave him a bag that contained a giant breakfast burrito and water. I asked for his name. We introduced ourselves. I told him I would still say a prayer for him.

Our Managing Director walked to my desk and asked how my project (the one he assigned me) was going. I focused my gaze on the emptiness of my happy place and rattled off a barrage of updates. He replied, “Nice progress.”

I received my attorney’s consultation on my debt collection lawsuit. I received three options and some insight into likely outcomes. I will follow through on the first option this week.

Happy Hump Day.