The Hot and Steamy

Alarm clock… I wake up to see her staring at me; her brown eyes glow as they reflect the sunlight. She gives me a soft kiss, “Good morning, baby.” I recognize that look; she wants to give it to me, she wants to provide me with the ‘hot and steamy.’ It is as if she read my mind as if she knew I was thinking about it. She smelled sweet, a very desirable sweetness making it difficult to resist her advances, and I did not want to. She knows just how I like it. This thing, right here, right now, is what she does best. She carefully shows it to me, slowly and gently, “Is this what you want, baby?” I hate it when she teases; I begin craving it, wanting just a little bit of it, “let me taste it.” She reaches down and lets her finger skim across the top of it, slowly raising her finger towards my lips. Her finger was hot and steamy as it touched my lips. She gives me just enough, making me crave more. It tastes like heaven, no it was heaven. “More,” I groaned as she laughed, “Aw, I know baby,” leaning towards my ear, whispering, “It’s too hot for you, though.” More teasing, it was getting me anxious, too anxious, “Now.” She leans back, raises an eyebrow, “You want this that bad, huh?” All I could say was, “Yes.” She leans forward, slightly, lips puckered; she softly blows on it, never taking her eyes off mine. I never wanted it as much as I wanted it that very moment. This is how the ‘hot and steamy’ is supposed to be. She finally gives in and lets me have it, “Not too fast, baby.” Yes, it was finally mine; I tried to take it slow but could not help myself. She makes me thirsty, so I take it fast. My mouth, my hands, my body could not take the heat. I finish quickly and realize that I am dripping in sweat. She laughs, “Was it, good baby?” I nodded, unable to speak. She leans towards me and gives me a soft kiss, “Get dressed or you will be late to work.” I lay there smiling and thinking, “Man, that was the best cup of coffee ever.”

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