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Review: Fear the Walking Dead – “Cobalt”

fear-the-walking-dead-cobalt-152441In this episode, we had the opportunity to learn more about the characters of the series and their perspective within the new world better know as the zombie apocalypse.

There is a man known as the”Closer” who sizes up every opportunity and uses every situation to his advantage.  Sending one man into the depths of a psychotic abyss while saving Nick Clark from death. This could be either promising or problematic for Nick as we have two unlikely partners with their own agendas.

We have Lieutenant Moyer who claims he can do anything because he has guns.  The military takes Travis Manawa on a “field trip”.  They stop several kilometers from a building with a walker sighted inside.  Travis is given the opportunity to prove that the military is doing a good thing by shooting the walker. Seeing that the walker was named Kimberly, Travis decides not to kill her.  It is worth noting that he did not appear fearful of the weapon just apprehensive with killing.

It is apparent that Madison Clark does not trust the military especially since they took Nick by force.  She is not disturbed after learning what Daniel Salazar is doing to get their family back.  We briefly see Alicia Clark spending time in a rich neighbors house playing dress up.  There is the question regarding who is becoming mentally unstable between Madison and Alicia.  By the way, it is becoming apparent that they both like alcohol.

Daniel Salazar

Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar

Daniel Salazar, does the necessary in order to obtain the things he needs, which is information from the soldier held captive.  Using razors from his barber kit, he “extracts” some information, he eventually learns the meaning of the military-code “Cobalt”.  He tells his victim, “The man with the blade and the man in the chair; they’re not different.  

Ofelia Salazar seemed disturbed by her father’s actions and yet she did what was necessary in the last episode, with the same soldier, in an attempt to save her mother by obtaining medicine.

Liza Ortiz is concerned with keeping her son Chris Manawa safe while Chris wants his mother to return home.  Liza gets the opportunity to see the things being accomplished at the hospital and learns that the only way to keep the dead from turning is to kill the brain.  There is unexplained tension  between Chris and Travis, which hopefully gets answered as the series continues.

Griselda Salazar gave us the best perspective, on her death bed she said, “I did what I did. I loved who I loved. What did you want me to do? So take my flesh piece by piece of that’s my penance. Do it now. I will not ask you why. Now I know your nature. Now you know mine.”

In the end, we learn what Cobalt means and we find out about the arena filled with walkers.  Overall, this is a solid episode and a good lead-up to the season finale.

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