Trolls ascribed with opinions,
our dreams abused; doubt lingers within
their words potent and confused.

Laughter silenced by
the endless chatter;
so many voices drowning out
the one that matters.

Lost is the touch of comfort; missing
the sight of familiar faces. The mind’s
gestation of horrible thoughts
leading us to some very dark places.

The sun never rises; we cannot
see the sky. No one can feel
our tears, no one can hear our

One response to “Futility”

  1. Being trolled is a lonely business indeed. I wonder if it is a combination of low self esteem and a desperate longing to be relevant that allows them to plod through this wilderness of words. And yet, the only way to deal with them is to avoid rewarding them, which means further isolation and yet more resentment. There must be a way to break this cycle of irrational behaviour. I hope that you are not too troubled by detractors. Please reach out for support, if you need it.


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