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Physiques of Greatness

I am watching what was once a very entertaining YouTube fitness channel called “Physiques of Greatness” also known as “POG”.  I enjoyed watching Chris Jones and Vince G. promote bodybuilding, answering questions, and their occasional shenanigans.  Overtime, they created shirts (like most fitness YouTubers) and got into the supplement manufacturing game.


Vince dropped out of the scene for a while, two years according to Chris, due to personal issues.  It was not long before Chris created and sold his custom meal-plans and expanded to his own brand of fitness apparel.  At some point, Vince created his own fitness apparel.  Chris kept putting content on POG in Vince’s absence.

Eventually, Chris addressed the matter with his fans causing Vince to rebut Chris’ claims.  Now we have business partners dissing each other on their main channel.  The cause of their demise appears to stem from a situation involving receipt of free money and this bitter rivalry is generating a rapid subscription increase on their personal YouTube channels.

I admit that I was not happy with the video Vince G. posted with black men jumping around in a cage waiting for Vince to let them out and him asking , “Do you want to live the “swole life” or would you rather chase the pump?”  Obviously, a direct shot to Chris and his brand…interesting.


After some discussions and prolonged thought on the matter, this makes me wonder whether this is “Grade A” beef.  It is not uncommon for people to risk the use of drama and public conflict to promote their social media outlets.  I recall being introduced to the POG channel due to the Hodge Twins mentioning them in one of their older videos.

I imagine this drama will continue for a while longer because it is starting to smell like a barbecue.  RIP Physiques of Greatness [POG] 2011 – 2015.


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