Perspective Off Kilter

Sometimes, the “day-to-day” leading to the “day-by-day” often becomes our “grin and bear it” moment.  We find ourselves deciphering the riddles of life and in the darkness, we stare into the eyes of death.  The search for relevance and finding that place of purpose is ambitious and daunting.  We feel defeated when we cannot find the answers along our quest for completeness.  We no longer experience the joy of dreams.  Our nights tormenting us from mistakes of the day.  The sunrise looks the same as the sunset.  We see the pain in the eyes of good people as they look toward the sky.  Some wait patiently for a response while others can no longer stand the silence.  The words “hope”, “faith”, and “love” give way to the plunging sink-holes of despair.  We laugh without pause and we cry without reason.  Sometimes, we must learn to accept the things that are outside of our control.

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