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Review: The Walking Dead – “Here’s Not Here”

download (1)I spent the week recovering from the heart-stopping last moments of last week’s episode.  Like so many viewers, I question Glenn’s death waiting to find out his fate.  In this episode, we saw Morgan’s back-story; his journey after the death of his son.  Every so often, we would see the word “clear”, “pointless acts”, and “heroes not here”.  Morgan lost it all, including his sanity until he stumbled upon a farm owned by a cheese-maker, named Eastman.  He was no ordinary cheese-maker.

Morgan’s purpose then was to clear everything from walkers to people.  Anyone who wanted to get near him.  Believing there is no point to saving people because everybody turns.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the diagnosis.  A choice is given, to either stay or go.  The choice leads to the discovery of Aikido.  There is a yellow book containing the “art of peace” and a goat.  A spear repaired with a staff earned.  His mentor teaches him that all life is precious; the things done in the past must not happen again.  To accept everyone, protect everyone and in doing so, to protect yourself.

Eastman shares a story of  when he was interviewing a psychopath.   After a failed attempt on his life, the psychopath breaks out and kills Eastman’s wife and daughter out of spite, to make his life miserable.  The mentor repeats that he has come to learn “that all life is precious” and did not kill the psychopath as he originally intended.  This fact astonishes Morgan . morgan-jones-the-walking-dead-season-6-episode-4-advanced-preview-trailer-e1445831292203 Eventually, Morgan learns to use his newfound skill to keep up his mental center, briefly.  Morgan hesitates taking down a walker.  This walker was the young man he killed earlier and Eastman gets bitten.  The show remained consistent as death takes a good person as well as a goat.  We eventually see that Morgan is sharing his story with the wolf he spared.  This wolf shows his bite mark and threatens to kill everyone in the Alexandria community, including the women and children.  Will Morgan succeed in converting this animal or will his animal nature resurface?

In my opinion, Lennie James gives an outstanding performance.  Showing us a character losing his mind and finding it again.

Maybe next week we will find out whether Glenn survived.

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