Review: The Walking Dead – “Now”

download (1)Last time I saw Rick Grimes, he was in an RV with a herd of walkers encircling the vehicle.  Tonight, he is running toward the safe zone yelling, “Open the gate!”  How did Rick escape his impending doom?  Things went from bad to worse as the walls are now surrounded by thousands of walkers.  This episode comes as a reckoning for the Alexandria survivors.  Everything that Rick told them in the beginning stares the community right in the eyes, especially Deanna.  Clearly, ignorance is not bliss.  Everyone receives a large helping of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Jessie takes a stand, Deanna concedes leadership to Rick, and there is still no sign whether Glenn is alive.  At some point, the wall is going to fall.

Things are building toward the mid-season finale, and there is “No Way Out”.