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Midnight cravings for coffee
stimulating sedated thoughts;
emotions deposited in the ink
of a pen.

Tick marks dotted on crinkled
paper; moments recounted, too
many to comprehend. Bloody abstracts
and crooked lines.

We lived a sheltered life,
Three square meals a day;
Believing the devil waited for us
At the foot of the bed.

Consanguinity within the dramatic pool;
the kiss of a mermaid left the taste
of sour grapes.

We thought we knew love,
realizing that the feeling
was but an echo of the loneliness
We did not recognize.

Emptiness led our heart to vows;
a vow of silence.
Experience led us to confusion;
We are left choking on the complexity.

The sunrise looks like the sunset;
all we see is indigo, a weird shade
for sleepy eyes.

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