Review: Jessica Jones

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Hell’s Kitchen, New York, a camera reveals images of decadent infidelity.  Jessica Jones, a freelance private investigator, stalks a perp for her client, Jeryn Hogarth.

Jessica-Jones-posterJessica’s adventure begins with a visit from the parents of a missing girl named Hope; they said someone from the police station referred them.  A revelation is difficult to believe.  She obtains information and begins her investigation.  We also learn that she is investigating, more like stalking, Luke Cage.  One night, while watching Luke, she experiences emotional flashes from someone in her past.  The voice of a man named Kilgrave.  This is a trigger to Jessica’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Birch street…Higgins drive…Cobalt lane.

Clues become breadcrumbs toward Jessica’s past.  There is the momentary diversion with Luke Cage, which ends with the two of them beating the headboard with heavy sweating between the sheets.  Jessica visits her old friend Trish Walker.  Their conversation about Kilgrave reveals there is one more place that Jessica has not explored, a hotel.  It is this hotel where he took her, and it is this hotel that Jessica finds Hope.  She is under Kilgrave’s influence, and Jessica must take her away by force.

Her clients reunite with their daughter and Jessica gives instructions to go back home, quickly.  Hope and her parents enter an elevator and Jessica sees Hope pulling out a gun before the elevator doors are closed.  We hear gunshots, and when the elevator arrives at the lobby, both parents are dead while the Hope continues pulling the trigger of an empty weapon.  She looks at Jessica and tells her to smile (the same words Kilgrave told her in the past).

kilgraveheaderLet the games begin.  Kilgrave is dead, based on Jessica’s last encounter with him.  She needed to know for sure whether he is alive and when she learns the truth, there becomes the need for proof.  A visit to prison with questions for Hope, the hospital, Rena Connors, and a potential witness confined to a dialysis machine.  More clues that lead to a doctor that kept Kilgrave alive who provides testimony to Jeryn.  Jessica and Luke get into a fight at his bar, and their secrets are revealed, later there is more heat and passion between Luke and Jessica; they break the walls.

Another “devil” in Hell’s Kitchen.  Trish does a radio show to put her life in danger, and Jessica learns there is a way to stop the madness.  It all leads to the man who is in complete control. The discovery of photos showing the surveyor under surveillance.  The reminder that not everyone likes the “gifted.”

Saving people from the devil requires a plan and a compromise.  Addictions not limited to drugs.  Those buried secrets beneath a hardened surface.  Seeking penance however and wherever.  A cover-up exposed.  Birch street…Higgins drive…Cobalt lane.

tumblr_nvx0tk7MTz1ql7xb0o1_500Happy memories become torrential nightmares.
Kilgrave is a mastermind.  His methods reconnecting Jessica to her tormented soul.  The proof is buried within the lies.  Everyone playing mind games to obtain the things they want.  Childhood feelings will never go away.  Every sin is for the sake of Hope.  A choice between right and wrong to cleanse the soul.  “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”  Moments, events, and contradictions plague the days.  The exploration of psychology under the influence; reality becomes indistinguishable.  Control and forgiveness intermingle.

Through all the pain and despair, there is a reason to smile.

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