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Review: The Walking Dead – Heads Up

download (1)AMC finally revealed the fate of Glenn.  Just like everyone expected, he survived under the dumpster.  Enid is still putting “JSS” in action.  Jedi Morgan and his “all life is precious” philosophy is not suitable against the dark side; asking Denise to help him heal his captured wolf is a bad idea.  Ron stealing bullets probably means Carl will get shot in the face and lose his eye.  Spencer and his rope crossing expedition, I don’t expect him to survive.  My favorite moment is when Tara responds to Rick’s scolding with the middle-finger salute.  Carol is heading towards a confrontation, within herself.  This episode shows the Alexandria community’s vulnerability, so many people are going to die.  Now that the walls have fallen, the mid-season finale is a great cliff-hanger.


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