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Black Angels

ef641a4d1a5dc418d3738b20c9d2d59dWe have been sitting
on the edge of the abyss,
for eternity,
wrapped in ignorance until
someone carelessly removed the darkness.

Staring deeply
into those written words,
wanting to see what others saw
because we could not feel what they felt.

We seek acceptance,
moving in the direction of acclamation
to obtain desperate attention.

The conclusion is obvious
and often ignored.

Believing what we hear despite,
what we see;
how will we know the “truth”
when we do not recognize the “lie”?

Violent winds taking away the souls;
their memories cremated
within the intense light.

Why did we allow “knowledge”
to sully our “innocence”?

Leave me in the darkness;
let me find my own way.

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