Review: The Walking Dead – “Start to Finish”

download (1)The mid-season finale.  Last week, we rejoiced at Glenn Rhee resurrection from his perpetrated death and absence from the show for three-weeks; we felt the shifting perplexity of hope and despair within the Alexandria community.  Tonight, we saw the weight of the world come crashing down on them.

This episode resembled The Walking Dead comic-book issue #82; walkers are everywhere and there is no optimism in sight.  The plate with the cookies surrounded by ants was a great metaphor.  Deanna goes down trying to help Rick.  Eugene was the voice on the radio saying, “Help.”  Maggie was nearly pulled off the tower while attempting to climb.  So much happened in the first five minutes, it was crazy.

Morgan versus Carol, continuing the dichotomy of life versus death.  Denise telling the Wolf, “You weren’t born this way, you became this way and you can change.”  Deanna, learning she has a walker-bite responds, “Well, shit.”  Then there is Carl versus Ron, not sure which one irritated me more.  Deanna hovering over Judith’s crib, “Rick it’s still me!” Yeah, I feared for Judith too.  The conversation between Tara and Rosita confirms the shows philosophy that all deaths are real when witnessed by a survivor.  The fight between Carol and Morgan, physical and philosophical, had me choosing sides.  A little advice for Jessie to keep Sam quiet…duct tape.

We have three situations requiring resolution, Rick and company getting away from the walkers, Morgan’s philosophy allowing his Wolf-buddy to escape with Denise, and Maggie stranded on a watch tower unable to get down.    The episode, overall, was okay; it did not leave me intrigued nor sad as mid-season finales tend to do.  I did like the 2-minute prologue to the second half of the season involving Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham meeting the Saviors in the middle of the road…I got a little excited when the gang’s spoke person mentioned the name, “Negan”.

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