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San Bernardino

As of this post, fourteen people are dead from the shooting at the Inland Regional Center, a center for people with developmental disabilities in San Bernardino, California.  Three suspects used long rifles opening fire on the people inside the center.  Fourteen people are believed wounded.  Police officers arrived on scene, killing one suspect.  There are suspects who fled the scene and in a black sports utility vehicle (SUV).  I will neither speculate nor offer inconclusive information until the facts are released.  This is another great tragedy leaving families with losses and many of us wondering why?

From CNN (

Marcos Aguilera received a text from his wife who works at the Inland Regional Center.

“She heard the shots and crying,” he said. The situation became confusing when the fire alarm went off. “Everyone was confused,” he said, relating his wife’s account. A SWAT team eventually rescued his wife and two other co-workers. “When she exited the building, she said there were multiple bodies on the floor,” Aguilera told CNN.


  1. When I saw this on the news, I thought, “No, please not again.” It’s not Sarajevo, it’s the USA. The gun violence is totally out of control. The worst thing is that it’s so unpredictable and seemingly without purpose. At least you can stop people who rationalise this craziness. But who on Earth would want to shoot people who provide social services?


  2. Found you by way of Jason from HarshReality . . . Love your poetry. I just posted a Memorial for San Bernardino where I am originally from and was raised and grew up there. My heart is still broken for my family and many friends there from this SENSELESS SHOOTING . . . 😦

    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂


      • Hello David,
        Thank you and I appreciate your thoughts. I wish all these senseless shootings would stop already. And the racial profiling and shooting of innocent black and white men. It’s not a race thing…. its about loss of life of innocent people . . . We all bleed read right? xoxo
        God Bless,


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