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Review: Star Wars “The Force Awakens”

FinnTFA“There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? The Dark side, and the Light.” – Supreme Leader Snoke

I finally watched Star Wars The Force Awakens; this movie is by far the best sequel to date.  It is clear that a torch (or light saber) passes from one generation to the next as we reunite with historic legends.  There are moments of nostalgia mixed with new beginnings; a journey along the trail of emotions as the search for Luke Skywalker does not disappoint.

Finn, a former storm-trooper, breaks his “programming” and escapes the First Order.  He wants to do the right thing and helps a resistance pilot named Poe Dameron complete his mission by getting the BB-8 droid (carried a map part divulging Luke Skywalker’s hidden place) to the resistance forces.  Finn meets Rey and connects with her.

ReyTFARey is a gifted woman.  She makes a living as a scavenger hunter and is an amazing engineer.  We see her piloting skills during an evasion in the Millennium Falcon using some classic maneuvers.  Her greatest strength is the force within her and she quickly adapts to it.  She meets Han Solo and earns his respect.

Han Solo and Chewbacca show up to help Rey and Finn.  Han’s days as a smuggler is far from over and we see the repercussions of a couple of deals gone horribly wrong. Their reunion with the Millennium Falcon was awesome.  Han carries the weight of regret and his resolve leads to tragedy.

General Leia leads the Republic.  Her reunion with Han Solo rekindles the mixed emotions of their estranged relationship.  The path of their son towards the dark side and the threat of destruction by the First Order brings Leia and Han a little closer.

KyloRenTFAKylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Leia.  He was a Jedi and trained by Luke Skywalker before Supreme Leader Snoke’s influence.  Kylo Ren’s aspiration transcends that of his grand-father, Darth Vader.  His ambition often succumbs to his tremendous temper tantrums.  He wears a “vader” type of helmet to hide his face.

The story starts slowly allowing the introduction and development of the characters.  There were supporting characters such as General Hux, Captain Phasma, and Maz Kanata whose interactions with the main characters delivered some incredible scenes.

If you want to read the full plot synopsis then please click here.  The journey of Finn, Rey and Han started with avoidance of the inevitable and ended with them facing their fears.  I thought J.J. Abrams direction of the film was excellent.  It contained a decent mix of action and plucky humor.  There were some points within the movie that I questioned but not enough to detract from the film.

This is a great film to go see whether you are a fan of Star Wars or not.

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