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Shadows and Seasons

Shadows of the past greet a fading patriarch sitting upon the fragile seat of the present.

A season void of exuberance leaving his “inner child” huddled beneath an undressed tree staring at the emptiness left by “disappointment”. Childhood abandoned upon paternity’s deathbed; seeking the comfort only “nostalgia” seems to offer. Moments of youth denied by the demands of adulthood.

Shadows of the future rebuking the bitterness the old heart embraces. Consuming sorrow from the cup of Grief; revealing Tomorrow, leaving her tears upon his withered cheek. Reflecting on the face of Love lost within a fog. Her poignant touch an old man is no longer able to feel realizing his unwillingness to change as Death performs last rites upon an old fleeting soul. Guided to the “other-side” by Eternity.

He is now a child set free becoming acquainted with joyful simplicity.

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