Review: Secret Wars 2015 – Final Issue

It finally happened.

SECRET_WARS_009-600x910The final issue of Secret Wars 2015 is out and it was worth the wait.  The Black Panther (T’Challa) and Namor confront Doom with the Infinity Gauntlet.  Doom is not easily defeated and decides to battle T’Challa on an epic scale.  Remember, Doom killed The Phoenix Force (Scott Summers), Sheriff Strange, and Thanos with very little effort; it comes as no surprise that he can take on the Infinity Gems.  They fight as gods do, “on the Earth.  In the sky.  And the Heavens above.”

As T’Challa goes down in defeat, he smiles eluding that his fight with Doom is a distraction.  Reed Richards and The Maker arrive at the secret location of Owen Reece.  Sue and Valeria are there waiting for him.  Reed and Sue exchange dialogue and I love how Reed identifies himself as “the one who fixes things”.  Sue learns the truth about the death of Sheriff Strange and allows Reed to meet with Owen Reece.

amwagc80lpavodpah9qeOwen asks Reed, “Have you brought me something to eat?” Reed replies, “No.”  The Maker uses a device to put Reed in a temporal bubble, moving time backward and forward.  Owen slices The Maker into steak, referencing pizza and eats him.  Reed is released and Owen tells him to “buck up” because Doom is on his way.

Doom arrives and Sue confronts him.  He tells her about complexities and trust…she replies, “Like Stephen trusted you?”  Doom faces Reed, the meddler, and tells him how he and Owen saved millions when Reed could not even save his own family.  “I dare quite a bit.”  Owen decides to even the playing field and gives Reed the power of a Beyonder in order to fight Doom.  They fight with hands and with words.

Doom believes Reed thinks himself superior; Reed believes Doom has the potential to be better than him…in that moment.  They both believe that if Reed has the power then he will do much better as a god.  Owen decides to make that a reality.  Battleworld  explodes.  T’Challa uses the Time Gem to put him back to the moment where everything began, in Wakanda.  The Marvel Universe is restored and we now have a “Prime Earth”.

Owen Reece remains the source of power.  Reed Richards becomes the new god and conduit of this power.  Sue Richards is once again at Reed’s side.  Franklin Richards becomes the shaper of worlds. Valeria Richards and the Future Foundation become the explorers of these new worlds, cataloging their findings and assigning designations.Reed-Richards-Sue-Storm-Secret-Wars-9

I love this issue.

Reed Richards’ perspective of “fixing things” he was wrong about, learning the difference between living and dying is managing fear, and not being afraid of losing the things you love.  He learned to let go.

This is a great story with a great ending.  Well done Mr. Hickman.

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