Review: Supernatural “Devil in the Details”

“Snapping necks and cashing checks, it’s what I do.” – Lucifer

tumblr_o1bn364t0D1u2nipgo1_400I watched the mid-season première of Supernatural.   It starts with Dean attempting to reach Sam by cell-phone while driving back to where Amara’s fight with the host of angels.  Dean gets sick and spews his breakfast.  Castiel finds Dean on the side of the road.  Telling Dean that he has “angel smite sickness”, he offers to check Dean’s temperature with his index finger.  Dean tells Castiel to check the “angel smite and if he encounters Amara then he needs to run.

Dean, after learning that Sam is in Hell, pays a visit to Billie, the Reaper.  He must recite the password, which is lyrics from the song, “Camptown Ladies” (The Camptown ladies sing this song Doo-da, doo-da The Camptown racetrack’s five miles long Oh, de doo-da day).  Billie helps Dean because she is working with Crowley however, she wants to make sure the Winchesters stay dead after they die…a subtle difference from wanting to kill them.

tumblr_o1b47wGXeg1r03i5ro10_250Castiel and another angel named Ambriel, investigate the “angel-smite” zone to see whether Amara lost the fight.  Ambriel, probably the only angel who likes Castiel, finds Amara’s body unconscious.  This is when you realize that Ambriel is going to die.  Amara regains consciousness and drains all of Ambriel’s angel sparkle from her body.  Castiel arrives and attempts to take down Amara; she beats him with very little effort.  She sends Castiel away with a message; this action appears to weaken Amara.

Crowley learns that Rowena was working for Lucifer all along.  Her spell that allowed Lucifer to trap Sam in the cage was part of the Lucifer’s plan.  Dean arrives with a box containing a witch-trap that Crowley uses on Rowena to control her.  We also learn about Rowena’s abusive treatment by Crowley’s father and that she deems “love” a weakness, which is why she hates her son.

tumblr_o1b47wGXeg1r03i5ro3_250Inside the cage, Lucifer works diligently at tempting Sam to say “yes” and become Lucifer’s vessel.   I loved when Sam asked Lucifer what he will do after beating The Darkness and he replied, “I don’t know, move to L.A. and solve crimes,” this is clearly a poke at Fox’s “Lucifer” series.  Sam is relentless and Lucifer ups his game.  Through their various exchanges, Sam admits to Lucifer that he is betting his rescue on Dean.  Here we have another heartfelt example of “bros before foes”.

tumblr_o1b47wGXeg1r03i5ro8_250Castiel arrives with a message etched in his flesh from Amara, “I am coming,” interpreted as either a warning or a promise.  Dean and Castiel hear Sam getting his ass kicked by Lucifer and attempt to rescue him.   Lucifer traps them in the cage.  The “mishamigos” take on the devil in a three-on-one handicap match…in Lucifers favor.  Rowena casts her spell to seal the cage just as Lucifer is about to finish Castiel.  Lucifer vanishes in a bright flash of light.  As the Winchesters leave, Castiel decides to stay behind.  We soon learn that Castiel is the new host for Lucifer (Castiel said “yes” to Lucifer because he believed that Lucifer could stop The Darkness).  Lucifer knocks Crowley unconscious and when he confirms that only Rowena can seal the cage, he snaps her neck.

 This episode seemed very familiar, especially from the perspective of Castiel.  How many times have we seen him make questionable choices for the greater good that has gone horribly wrong.  I think he is still atoning for his sins in Heaven.  He is broken and weak so, one must wonder how he will overcome this latest debacle.

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