Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot – Part Two”

Legends_of_Tomorrow_LogoTraveling back to the year 1975 (I was about 7 years old by the way) to either capture or kill Vandal Savage.  Part one of ‘Pilot” brought the team together and part two of this episode gave them a purpose.  In part two, we watched the team pick up the pieces and build a plan to take down Savage in Norway.  We learn that Vandal is a nuclear weapons dealer; a team composed of Martin Stein, Ray Palmer (The Atom), Sarah Lance (White Canary), Leonard Snart (Captain Cold), and Mick Rory (Heat Wave) infiltrates an auction.   It was cool to see Damien Darhk as one of the bidders. LGN102_20150917_0250b_FULL The mission goes wrong…as expected. Firestorm demonstrates his ability to absorb nuclear energy.  Ray loses some of his 21st century technology, which allows Savage to alter history in the year 2016.  The lost tech uses dwarf star particles; Stein must meet his younger-self to get a device that tracks dwarf star particles.  Carter and Chay-Ara learn about the ancient dagger Savage used to kill them over 4,000 years ago; they need this blade to kill Savage.

firestorm-legends-of-tomorrowOld Stein vs. Young Stein“Let’s go spark a doobie and rap about physics.”  Martin’s encounter with his younger-self causes him to believe he has not changed in the last forty years.  Ironically, Jackson is the voice of reason to Stein allowing his partner to see the value in his ways.

Opposing Lifestyles
“Raymond, you don’t break into a candy store and steal one gumball.”  Ray Palmer and Leonard Snart explore their opposing dualities; wealth obtained by reputable work vs. wealth obtained through a life of crime.  Ironically, both men share an affinity for engineering and use their skills in the most unconventional ways.

LoT-headerThe team faces Savage; Carter and Chay-Ara receive the ancient dagger and fight Savage while the rest of the team fights his small army.  Carter takes down Savage and stabs him in the heart with the dagger.  Savage does not die and turns the dagger toward Carter and pushes it into his heart.  Chay-Ara watches Carter die and then Savage stabs her.  Carter’s death unifies the team.  There is this quote, “Time heals all wounds,” I guess that’s true provided you don’t cause time to fold in on itself.

I thought this episode was okay overall.  I did enjoy Martin Stein’s story-arc and the other character pairings matched the applicable dichotomies. I believe Carter Hall’s death was a necessary action by the writers; hopefully, Chay-ara will transition into the lethal warrior that I expect from her character.

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