Howling Winds

Last night, I slept for nearly eight hours. For many this is an acceptable number and the standard; for me, this an overdose.  It was much-needed rest but it left me feeling like a drugged turtle.

Anyway, I was able to complete my morning workout with a decent calorie burn followed by a long hot shower and breakfast.  My commute took me through patches of sun and rain, literally, although I loved the metaphoric appeal. A few minutes after I arrived to work and settled in, the excess sleep had me nodding off at my computer; I would have enjoyed the nap but I had a couple of  meetings that required my full attention.

So, I decided to go for a quick walk to awaken my tired mind.

I stepped into a light snow flurry as blistering winds permeated  my skin and bones. I kept walking despite the inclement conditions.  There was something about the sound of the “howling winds” that triggered a sense of déjà vu. Maybe I was recalling a dream or revisiting a past event.

In either case, it haunted me for the rest if the day.

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