Reaction Videos and Controversies

Screen-Shot-2014-11-29-at-9.21.07-AMThanks to the FineBros, many of us are feeling slightly negative towards YouTube “Reaction” channels.  A couple of YouTube “Reaction” channels under fire belong to someone named “Jinx” and Tyrone Magnus.

I am a subscriber of the Tyrone Magnus YouTube channel, due to the recommendation from Rob Jefferson of “Comics Explained”, and I find his videos very entertaining.  A little over a week ago, someone known as GradeAUnderA posted this tweet, which makes an ambiguous claim against Tyrone.  

This sparked a couple of video responses from Tyrone, which he indicates that he has no idea what GradeA is referring to.  

For a week, we waited for GradeA’s video; during that time, Tyrone posted a third video of himself listening to a Twitch recorded stream of GradeA expressing his feelings toward Tyrone (there was a lot of name-calling).  Tyrone reciprocated with the name-calling and swore on his mother’s grave that he did nothing wrong. 

So, we waited for the alleged video; I wondered whether such a video existed.  Yesterday, GradeA posted his video.  This video, to summarize, called out YouTube for not honoring their own Community Guidelines especially the rules associated with copyright use and it displayed information that Tyrone Magnus essentially stole money from GradeA via a Tyrone Magnus reaction video using GradeA’s content.  You must watch GradeA’s video to understand the reason.

Tyrone responded with a video, twice as long, of himself listening to GradeA’s video and commenting.  All Tyrone could say was, “He’s lying,” and at the end of the video he posted images of the direct messages between himself and GradeA, which in my opinion did not help his cause to sway the viewers.  

Here is Akasan’s response to it all.  

gradeaunderaTyrone’s last three videos, prior to his response video, provided GradeA with some very damaging content.  While I don’t know who to believe, GradeA made the most convincing argument against Tyrone and YouTube; placing reasonable doubt in my mind.  If this were a court-case based on evidence from the Prosecutor (GradeAUnderA) and the opposing argument from the Defendant (Tyrone Magnus), the Defendant is likely to receive a guilty verdict.

I believe Tyrone was overconfident.  He should have either remained silent until after seeing GradeA’s video and prepared an appropriate response video or released an apology video with plans to work things out with GradeA behind the scenes.  I have never seen so many dislikes on Tyrone’s channel and his subscriber count is dropping.  At some point, this controversy will subside however, the internet never forgets.

This is giving me a lot to think about with my own channel and social media.


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