Review: The Walking Dead – Not Tomorrow Yet

AMC_TWD_612_SPWell, the escalation continued in The Walking Dead episode twelve titled, “Not Tomorrow Yet” as Rick makes good on his promise to the people of Hilltop by going out to kill Negan and the Saviors.

A bit of a recap:

Carol, doing the things a mom does, baking cookies and sharing the creative goodness of the beets and acorn delights.  She even left a cookie on Sam’s grave.  Abraham ending his relationship with Rosita so cold, abrupt and without providing a reason.  Morgan wondering why Carol and the others did not tell Rick about Morgan harboring a wolf and the danger within the community; these two are my becoming my favorite “odd-couple”.  Rick’s stance, walking-dead-not-tomorrow-yet-3“This is how we eat,” became the justification for killing; some might think that Rick’s viewpoint is reminiscent of the Governor’s.  Morgan’s solution was simple, reason with Negan; Rick’s counter argument, “You don’t have to kill but you have to accept it if you want to live here.”  The plan and execution was something out of “Call of Duty”; Carol staying behind with Maggie and debating Maggie’s reason for going along with the assault team.  We watched:

  • Carol struggling with killing the living.
  • Maggie struggling with her decision to involve the Alexandria Community.
  • Glenn struggling with killing the living.
  • The photo, in a Savior’s room, of dead people with their heads bashed in and brains bashed out.
  • The irony of Tara confessing to Father Gabriel with Jesus sitting in the back seat.
  • Jesus saving Heath from being shot by a fallen Savior [#jesussaves].
  • Father Gabriel quoting bible verses before killing the wounded Savior.
  • The woman on the radio who gained the upper-hand by capturing Carol and Maggie.

Clearly, Rick’s group made their presence known to Negan and the Saviors and it is going to come at a price.  “This is how we eat” is a lifestyle that will get more people killed.  AMC_TWD_S6_OTN_612-800x450The pace of this episode was on point and the build up of tension created the right level of anxiety. Rick is an  unpredictable and cold-calculating killer/leader; the question in my mind is, how will Rick stand up to Negan who the worst-of-the-worst villains in The Walking Dead franchise?  I liked this story and it is the pivotal turning-point as we descend toward the season finale.


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