Review: The Walking Dead “Same Boat”

AMC_TWD_613_SP_1“We are all Negan.”

Tonight’s episode took us through the peril consciousness; the emotional rollercoaster of  killing and the weight of regret with each kill count.

Rick conducts a hostage negotiation to get Carol and Maggie back.  Carol and Maggie blindfolded and transported to an old, walker infested facility.  Carol initiates “scared and fragile” mode to give her captors the proper illusion.  Maggie refuses to act like someone who is pregnant.  It seemed as though both captors and captives were playing their mind games.  Everyone talking about losses.  Carol not wanting to kill and Maggie ready to wage war.  Even though Rick got his people back, there are repercussions to quickly follow.

I am not sure whether the events of this episode made everyone better or worse.  Their world no longer seems suitable for morality however, without a moral conscience, the space between good and evil becomes blurry.  There are two more episodes until the season finale.

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