Review: Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice

tumblr_o4ns5rhtxE1r72395o1_500I watched “Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice”.  It wasn’t as bad as some critics indicated but it wasn’t great either.  There were many things put into this movie.  Some things connected the story well and other things did not.  The beginning was decent, the middle was okay, and the ending was disappointing.

Just like “Man of Steel”, Superman remained uncertain of his place in the world. I found myself getting sleepy during his scenes.  Henry Cavill does a good job playing the character. I wish this movie gave him a better storyline. It seemed as though when Superman lost his strength, his hairstyle weakened too.

tumblr_o4nigenBOv1snteogo1_r1_250Ben Affleck redeemed himself as The Dark Knight in this film.  His adaptation of the character is a refreshing change from the Christian Bale era.  Bruce Wayne’s introduction from the historic crime-alley scene to involvement during Metropolis’ destruction [Man of Steel] was well done.  We understand his feelings toward Superman and why he sees him as a threat to humanity.  Batman was very ruthless and lethal against his foes.

tumblr_o4mhtdxr0x1uvcgjlo3_400Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince was a great choice.  The concerns whether she could represent the Princess of Themyscira quickly became non-existent.  She owned the role.  While she did not have as many scenes, her presence was very impactful.  I am looking forward to seeing her movie when it releases next year.

tumblr_o4mjbqgHv41ryafmgo1_500The fight between Batman and Superman was pretty much what the trailer revealed.  It was interesting to learn the stakes that brought Superman to the battle. Batman was cunning and ruthless often catching Superman off-guard.  The fight ends due to a common thread between both heroes.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was weird. His interpretation of the character is someone with a heavy dose of schizophrenia.  I kept waiting for him to laugh like the Joker due to his similarity to the “clowned prince of crime”.  The straight-jackets are coming instead of the red capes.

tumblr_o4nbvfLNin1ti3kvso7_250We did get to see the starting lineup of the coming Justice League, which was cool.  I liked how each of the main characters had their own theme music during the movie.  Lois Lane is Superman’s achilles heel. Perry White had some funny moments. Doomsday was stupid and easily defeated.

Again, this was not a bad movie however, it could have been better.

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