Review: Fear the Walking Dead – “We All Fall Down”

“We’ll be alright. We have water & you’re one hell of a fisherman.” – Strand

Ocean waves cresting on a sandy shoreline.  Zombies washing on the beach.  We see two children playing as a couple of the zombies approach them.  The zombies stop suddenly because of a high chain-link fence.

Who allows their children to go that far away unsupervised?

FTWD_202_RF_1217_0695-RTThe logs Nick recovered show that San Diego is gone, bombed by the military.  A new destination is set.  There is a light in the distance that results in a planned investigation.  Travis, Maddie, Nick, Alicia, and Chris go ashore.  Strand decides to stay on the boat; this decision has Daniel and Ophelia deciding to stay behind with Strand.  Clearly, Daniel doesn’t trust him.

Something is not quite kosher.

Travis and the group meet George and his family.  George confirms that San Diego was burned by the military.  We also learn that everything west of Colorado is gone.  Ophelia admits to understanding the new world and how cruel it is.  Daniel questions Strand’s intentions.  There is a debate between Travis and George as to the purpose of the virus; George insists that it is nature correcting things.

Chris found a new outlet by helping Seth to keep the fence clear of zombies with a pick-axe; Travis is mortified by what he sees.  George gives Travis a reality check, you mend fences because at some point everyone dies.  We learn that George’s wife, Melissa,  has MS and she wants Maddie to take her two little ones with them when they leave.

Daniel uncovers information, maps, and a automatic-rifle belonging to Strand.  Strand is secretly arranging a rendezvous.  Nick learns that George is planning to kill his family with poisonous pills.  Willa ends up taking the pills and turning; she attacks her mom.  Seth gets his little brother and takes him back.  Seth ends up having to shoot his now zombified mother.

The episode slowly paced and the ending was sad.  It was interesting to see another families perspective on dealing with the end of the world.  I hope the series picks up the pace with the next episode.

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