Review: Fear The Walking Dead “Ouroboros”

Tonight, we got to see Flight 462 on Fear the Walking Dead.  Alex (I thought her name was Charlie), Jake and a few men survive the crash and make it on a life raft.  Jake is severely burned and dying.  On the Abigail, Strand is coordinating plans with the mysterious person on the phone.  The boat experiences mechanical failure; Travis goes underwater to find the problem and finds dead body…zombie that is.  It is the last man on the raft with Alex and Jake who told Alex to put Jake out of his misery.

tumblr_o5v1ckbsoY1ufguvjo1_500Travis is the only one capable of fixing the Abigail.  Alicia spots suitcases on the shore and the kids, along with Daniel, become an “away team” to find clothes and supplies.  Daniel mentions to Maddie Strand’s plans of going to Mexico.  Daniel and the kids arrive and he tells them to move quickly and stay where he can see them; Chris decides to wander off.   Maddie confronts Strand about Mexico.  Chris goes to the plane wreckage and finds three bodies, two are non-threatening zombies and the other is a wounded man asking for help.   He ends up killing the wounded man because his injury was lethal.

Daniel goes looking for Chris.  He sees Alex running toward him, telling him, “They’re coming…run.”  Nick literally stumbles upon a zombie being eaten by crabs, more zombies fall on him.  Daniel, Alex, Chris, and Alicia fight off a zombie horde from Flight 462.  Travis gets the Abigail working to rescue them.  Nick covered in zombie blood is not attacked.  Everyone makes it.  Alex and Jake are not allowed to board the Abigail.  Strand cuts the rope letting Alex and Jake drift away.

fear-walking-dead-season-2“This is the worst it’s gonna be.” – Alex

This episode kept a good pace and decent level of tension.  It is interesting to see how Chris deals with the mercy killing and the perspective he has about his father’s mercy killing of his mother.  I am waiting for the moment when Maddie and Strand engage in conflict and I don’t believe there is a safe-haven in Mexico.  We cannot trust anyone.

I also found it amazing how one zombie arm can clog-up a boat’s filtration system…that was some gross stuff.


OuroborosThe Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The name originates from within Greek language; (oura) meaning “tail” and (boros) meaning “eating”, thus “he who eats the tail”.

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