Review: Fear the Walking Dead – “Blood in the Streets”

fearthewalkingdead_bloodinthestreetsNick’s apparent skinny-dipping ocean swim was actually a covert mission to find a friend of Strand.  His shrewd method of luring a walker to its death and then using the blood and guts to create a “camouflage over his body” was genius.    He locates the friend haphazardly and we learn this man is the key to getting Strand and the others into Mexico.

Two men and a pregnant woman in a raft, requesting help, meet Chris and Ofelia on the Abigail.  Chris keeps asking should he shoot.  The woman is pregnant and bleeding.  It turns out the situation was a ruse to board the yacht and steal it.  Travis, Madison, Daniel and their kids are subdued quickly.
Strand escapes and is shot in the process.  Alicia realizes that one of their captors is the person she spoke with on the radio a few episodes earlier.  Travis convinces one of the men that he can start the Abigail as a distraction so that Daniel can free himself.

Alycia Pebnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 04 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/AMCAlicia negotiates a deal to keep her family safe.  We learn that someone named Connor organized the act of piracy.  Connor arrives; his boarding party takes Alicia and Travis away leaving the remaining family members behind.  Nick mounts a “Call of Duty” style rescue.  They rescue Strand.

Through the episode, Strand’s “flashback” scenes revealed his relationship with a man named Thomas Abigail.  They were more than just acquaintances.

With Travis and Alicia abducted, you have to wonder whether Strand will force the family to leave them behind and go ahead to Mexico.  I also want to know how Connor and his minions located the Abigail…was it Alex who revealed their possible location?  Now I am intrigued.

This is one of their better episodes a welcome change from the pace and lack of action in the previous two episodes.

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