Review: Captain America “Civil War”

tumblr_o6srm5LBsz1skf43ko1_1280I watched Marvel’s Captain America Civil War.  The film was great and kudos to the Russo brothers for their excellent direction.  While this is a film continuation of the  Captain America story arc, it felt like an Avengers film and rightfully so.  There was amazing balance despite the depth of the hero roster.

“Choice” is the premise of the film; freedom versus regulation.  However, we go deeper into the pool of thought as one man must choose between his past and his present.  Right and wrong melt into the stew of politics and loyalty.  “Perception” ignited the debates and blurred the lines of truth.  “Guilt” is the outcome of great loss.  Things are not what they seem.

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark lived up to their respective roles.  Sam Wilson was more than Roger’s wingman, his loyalty knew no bounds.  Natasha Romanov never broke character as the Russian double-agent.  Wanda Maximoff wanted acceptance.  Rhodes remained compliant to the demands of the government despite his doubts.  Vision remained compliant to Stark.

tumblr_inline_o6tdzkHPCq1tl3oir_500It was good to see Scott Lang and Peter Parker providing their respective teams with some unique benefits and a lot of humor.  I felt that Tom Holland was good at reprising the role of Spiderman.  The biggest attraction was T’Challa aka The Black Panther.  Everytime I saw T’Challa pursuing someone relentlessly, I got scared.  Chadwick Boseman delivered a great performance in my opinion.

The villains, Cross Bones and Zemo, were good although one carried his plan to fruition while the other’s existence was short-lived.  Secretary Ross lived up to the reputation of “dick”; I loved how Stark made it a point to take Ross’ phone call and then put him on hold to see the red blinking light.

I stayed through the post-credits and while the scene of Peter Parker and Aunt May was on-screen, we could not hear the dialogue because the theater cut out the sound.   We were all ready to riot.  Anyway, I went into the theater representing #TeamCap and I left the theater in the same way.  Despite the points of view, nothing swayed me from believing in the right to choose (free will).  While we must have laws, we should not become puppets.  This is definitely a must see film.

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  1. I love how you actually said what team you are one. Most reviews don’t. I’m #teamironman but still, great job!

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