Review: The Flash – “The Race of His Life”

Flash_0072The loss of his father, in the same place where he lost his mother, pushes Barry toward a dark place.  There is no time to grieve nor time to mourn.  Evil creating anger, anger consuming logic, and friends intervene.  The ones closest to Barry made a tough decision for his well-being that put Joe West in danger.

The villain makes a simple request, “Let’s see who is the fastest man alive.”  A race between the Brightest Day and the Blackest Night.  There is a catch, the race enables a device to destroy the other Earths in the Multiverse.

Eventually, the race between Zoom and The Flash happens.  Barry creating his “Time Remnant” to stop the pulse was straight out of DC Comics “Crisis on Infinite Earths” as we watched that version of Barry disintegrate into the speed force.    Zoom becoming the Black Flash (Death) makes future episodes interesting.

tumblr_o7plalyHAY1uvcgjlo3_500The revelation that Jay Garrick (Henry Allen’s doppelgänger) as the man in the iron mask was cool; I yelled, “I knew it!” The last scene of Barry going back in time and altering the events that killed his mother was very much like DC Comics “Flash Point”.

This season’s finale was excellent and leaves the next season with many opportunities to tell good stories.  We have all summer to ponder what the writer’s and creative staff are cooking up for season three.

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