My dreams
I can barely see
clouded by the lies
you put in front of me.

I remember
when you planted
those conniving seeds
in my soil, hoping
to have ownership
over my future.

My work covered
in the manipulating vines,
subjugated and strangled
by the length of the
growing despair.

You extended your reach
beyond the borders
keeping my life
within your grasp.
Your laughter of mischief
echoes in the air.

I always did
whatever you wanted,
fighting against my instincts.
Reaping little benefits;
suffering major consequences.

I no longer care
to acknowledge your existence
and those you select;
the chosen few.

I see clearly
who you are and
the thing you
refuse to do.
So, I will cut off
your hands because
you will not let me go.

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