San Diego Comic Con 2017 – The Experience

The San Diego Comic Con was my bucket list moment.  I waited four years for the opportunity to go.  When I received my comic con badge, I had to pinch myself because I was finally in.  When we arrived in San Diego, a day early, we walked around the outside of the Convention Center and through the Gaslamp Quarter taking it all in with anticipation.  My expectations of the con were very high, which caused me to fall quickly on my face with great disappointment. 

2017-07-20 04.45.38

The Exhibit Hall, besides occupying a very large terrain, was no different than any other exhibit hall.  People handing out “free stuff” that ended up littering the floor.  The pain in my legs and back were the sacrifice for an opportunity to be in the epicenter of madness.  Every moment was a lottery of sorts.  People sleeping in the streets hoping to be the first to get a chance at a comic con exclusive item, a chance at that special autograph, an opportunity to enter Hall H.  There were some panels that I found informative and enjoyable. 

2017-07-21 05.26.37However, I had a great time when I did a cosplay of Deadpool during the con.  It was very cool when people and kids wanted to take a picture of me and with me; I felt like a celebrity.  What we experienced during the con changed us and not for the better.  There is so much truth to the phrase, “be careful of what you wish for.”