Review: Thor Ragnarok


On Saturday, November 4, 2017, I watched Thor Ragnarok.  I will start by saying, the high expectations set by the early reviews are valid.

Review [Spoilers]

The film starts with Thor telling his story while bound with chains and locked in a cage with someone’s bones.  He is there to stop Surtur from initiating Ragnarok.  Thor’s wit and sarcasm are hilarious.


After defeating Surtur, Thor returns to Asgard to find Odin watching a play involving Loki.  Thor knows that Odin is Loki in disguise and uses a tactic that causes Loki to reveal himself in front of all Asgard.  This situation prompts Thor to take Loki and find their father on Earth.  Doctor Strange pulls Loki into “a hole” and leaves his business-card for Thor to see him.  Strange eventually reveals the location of Odin to Thor, drops Loki with Thor and then sends them both to Odin.


Odin tells his sons that he is dying and upon his death, Hela will return to take the throne of Asgard.  He reveals that Hela is the sister of Thor and Loki.  Odin dies, Hela arrives, and we see the infamous moment when Hela destroys Mjolnir.  Loki summons the Bifröst, which allows Hela to enter Asgard but before she does, Hela’s efforts to kill Thor and Loki ends up sending them to Sakaar.

During the journey on Sakaar, we learn what happened to The Hulk (and Banner), we meet a Valkyrie, and discover that the way off or Sakaar is through “the devil’s anus.”     In the end, victory required a great sacrifice.  Notable Moments:
– Hela kills Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun.
– Mjolnir was never the source of Thor’s power, only a conduit.
– Stan Lee is the barber who cuts Thor’s hair.
– Thor unlocks his “Thor Force”.
– Thor loses his right eye.



This film is one of the best Thor movies, and quite probably one of the best Marvel movies of the franchise.   I loved the balance of comedy and tragedy within the story. There was a lot of unexpected moments that I enjoyed.  The fight-choreography was terrific, especially the scene where Hela fights the Asgardian soldiers, dozens of them and single-handedly slays them all.  Thor Ragnarok is brilliant and if you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe then go out and see it, now.