The Walking Dead Mid-Season 8 Finale

I’ll keep it brief. The episode contained tension, anticipation, and excitement for me as I watched The Saviors gain control.

Eugene’s expertise turned the tied against his former friends but I believe he is going to give into his moral center and help Rick win the war.

King Ezekiel stepped out of his depression to save his people; luckily Morgan and Carol are around to mount a rescue.

Maggie gave into her dark side after the Saviors bullied the Hilltop community; an eye for eye troubles Jesus.

Aaron and Enid go to Oceanside for help but Enid kills their leader.

Dwight betrays the Saviors by leading them into ambush; one of the Saviors escapes to warn Negan.

Rick and Negan finally face off. Alexandria suffers the worst attack of all but it’s Carl’s leadership that saves them.

We learn that Carl was bitten and is going to die; this guy wrenching revelation is difficult to accept.

I can’t help but wonder how Rick and his allies will overcome began and his All Out War. The season resumes in February so, I must eagerly await the event.