I have spent several months assessing and appraising the details of my life.  The investment in the worthless, believing in good ideas. The consumate overachiever wanting to prove that I can get the job done. I constantly look back at the disappointing outcomes.

A complication is begging for confrontation. Mental cues are receiving a miscommunication. Sanity is refusing to accept the challenge. My dreams paint a tempting picture.

I have a good heart and people have enslaved it. My death will be on the bed of good deeds. An epiphany arrived with a simple suggestion, give up the things unhealthy; let go of the things unnecessary.  The pain of moving on is better than the discomfort from being pushed around.

So close to the moment of relief. Circumstances wrecked the perfect timing. The levy of emotions flooding the soil. There is still time. But faith is all that remains to fix the shattered pieces.

I am moving away from familiarity and comfort to make way for new ventures and risks. A bitter sweet journey to new things.