Child of the Storm

Spending the last few days dwelling on local and global events; these events continue to push a diminishing mental state into deeper contemplation.

Sitting in silence pondering the situations dressed in ambiguity. Thoughts poisoning sleep with traumatic dreams.

I’ve tried to influence change and alter the course of destiny; here I am in the same spot feeling confused. I tried to change the things I cannot accept. Promises made in haste became commitments of waste.

I used to believe the importance of building relationships, that camaraderie would lead to loyalty.
This belief has made me a casualty of war; forgiveness I have buried in the grave.

I hoped that righteousness could prevail against the shadows of sin; the night revealed the truth and offered me a taste of reality.

The scent of inclement behavior in the corridors. Tinted windows along the walls. Misguided sentiments falling from the sky. Something touched my soul.

I was caught in the rain; pattering chants of lullabies and metaphors echoed within the emptiness; the night summoned colorless images resurrected from unburied bones.

My mind, heavy, with thoughts of nothing; my body sharing it’s space with a groggy spirit. My moments spent searching for commitments abandoned by many, placing their gifts of disappointments in a cubicle’s drawer to remind me of the lessons learned.

Letting go of what was and what can never be.