A Tough Week

On Monday,the company I’m contracted with sent my payroll direct deposit to the wrong bank. Later that day, I received an email that a company I did a series of interviews with who decided to pass on me (with no good reason according to recruiter).

Today, I hit a parked vehicle coming back to work from lunch. I misjudged the amount of space available to turn into the empty space. Given the week I was having, this threw me into a deep state of anguish and overwhelming anxiety.

Honestly, I wanted to run and not say anything. I figured out which office building the owner worked in and asked the receptionist whether the owner of the vehicle was around and the reason why. The owner met me in the lobby and showed her what I did.

She was very kind and thanked me for the integrity as it would have been easy to drive away and leave her discovering the damages on her own. We exchanged information. She told me that it was a new car. I feel bad for what happened. We’ll see what the damages amount to for her vehicle and go from there.


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