Review: Shazam

The wizard Shazam seeks a champion to protect the Earth from the Seven Deadly Sins. We first see Thaddeus Sivana transported to the Rock of Eternity by the wizard to become champion; however, Thaddeus succumbed to temptation by the deadly sins and was banished. It is at this moment that a villain is born to find the wizard and take his powers.

We are introduced to Billy Batson, a fourteen-year-old looking for his mother. We learn that he has been running away from foster homes and sent to a foster home in Philadelphia. Billy’s journey leads him to the wizard, Shazam, and he becomes Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. Billy eventually learns that a blood relationship doesn’t make them your family.

This film is by far one of the best DC Entertainment films that told an excellent story from beginning to end. Darla and Freddy are my favorite characters. The film draws on Geoff John’s New 52 Shazam and DC’s Rebirth comic series. The casting was excellent, and the tone of the film was upbeat. There were some cool Easter Eggs as well. I highly recommend this film.