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Review: Crisis on Infinite Earths

This week, the CW aired the final two episodes of DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it was a grand closure to the epic crossover event. The most significant cross over event left no stone unturned as it connected every DC Universe to a grand apocalypse. Arrow’s passing of the torch to The Flash was bittersweet. Oliver Queen’s tragic death, twice as the Green Arrow and the Spectre, connected our heroes and formed Earth Prime’s Justice League, which should be interesting. Lex Luthor’s rewriting of destiny gives him the respect and admiration of humanity and sets the tone for what will likely be some of his most fabulous schemes. The ending led to a Rebirth of Heroes, and the crossovers will now become a common thread between shows.

Overall, I enjoyed this series. It was a nice send-off for Arrow, the series that started the Arrowverse. I felt, however, that Oliver Queen as the Spectre should not have died but instead disappear into the cosmos watching the exploits of this new multiverse, waiting for the next crisis to exact his vengeance. Ezra Miller’s “Flash” cameo got the most significant reaction from me; it was nice that the series addressed the continuity question within the DCEU and the television show. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next, well-done everyone.

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