Only on Sunday

There is a baptist church in the center of the city. This lovely church has a diverse congregation. Every week, the church encourages the group to give their tithes and offerings diligently. Recently, the church postponed its weekly gathering due to the global pandemic. However, the pastor made it a point to send weekly messages on their website as well as ways the congregation could continue giving to the church.

One day, a white police officer deliberately murdered an unarmed black man. This moment sparked a nationwide protest for police reform. The church was silent regarding the matter. A young black woman from the congregation asked the pastor, a white male, why he did not speak on the white police officer’s atrocity against the black suspect. The pastor replied, “while this is a terrible thing, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” She briefly pondered his response. “I see,” she replied. Someone else also asked the pastor the same question to which the pastor did not answer.

Later that week, the pastor sent a message asking everyone to pray for the health and safety of their police force. The young black woman, quietly, left the church with a disheartening truth. Her pastor had no problem taking a stand to ensure the church’s financial support yet would not take a stand against blatant injustice.

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