A woman solicited me for an opportunity; she did not provide details but wanted to set up a phone call or Zoom session. I ignored the request because it didn’t feel right. A few days later, the woman followed up with me. She was aware of my background in IT but wanted to offer me a job until I found “that job.” I decided to set up a time with her to discuss it, but then I researched her company.

Her company sells products through a “pyramid scheme.” I followed up to my responses and let her know that I didn’t have a sales background, nor was I interested in pyramid selling. She thanked me for letting her know. Despite living in a place of considerable uncertainty, this was a situation that I could not succeed.  

Later, I was putting some cash away and looked at the back of a dollar bill. The image of the pyramid, Annuit cœptis and Novus ordo seclorum, realizing that we have been part of a pyramid scheme for hundreds of years.

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