Review: The Umbrella Academy 2

The Hargreeves have returned. Netflix released season 2 of “The Umbrella Academy.” The story picks up from last season’s finale, where the kids escape the apocalypse thanks to Five teleporting them back in time. Each member goes back to the 1960s, roughly one year apart from 1960 to 1963.

The apparent plot is stopping another apocalypse from occurring. The opening scene was pretty good. Some of the subplots dealt with bigotry, racism, and mental health. Allison, Vanya, Diego, and Ben all had exciting and deep character arcs. Five is at the center of the chaos and finally learns a simple solution to solve their dilemma. Changes to the Time Bureau ended well. The ending of the final episode sets the stage for season three.

It starts with an exciting hook. The opening scene reminded me of The Watchmen, Vanya reminiscent of Doctor Manhattan. I liked how the series paired the siblings to provide various dynamics of interaction. The pace of the episodes was good. Overall, it was a good story and fun to watch.

Season three should be very interesting.