The World Has Changed | Every Moment is a Story

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The needs of the few outweighed the needs of the many. An imbalance has cracked the foundation of our sanity. The world is ending—our grinding for purpose destroyed by healthy greed.

Everything is changed. The vibrant colors have faded; the melody of music has dissipated. I think my mind has failed. Nothing is seen nor heard; my presence evaporated. The world is disappearing. Phantasms are fleeing this reality; we lost perspective.

Politicians gave us the plague and broke our economy—a new population of the sick and the shut-in. The language of fear changed from ‘unprecedented’ to ‘asymptomatic.’ We should have sold everything, then taken the money and run away. It is too late now. The new normal has us trapped in a very dark hole.

Every day is the same; the seconds have stopped ticking. Moments are testing the strength of sanity. This incarceration for the sake of health is inciting desperation, looking for stability within the calamity.

There was a time when I slept deeply; the dreams were terrific. Information abuses the mind; social media is toxic. Now, my sleepless state goes on for weeks. Comfort food is a delight; the days are unaccounted. I can feel the energy depletion, despite the heavy dose of stims.

My thoughts are unchanged; I struggle to collect my wits. My tongue anguishes for humorous speech. I wish I could manipulate time to change the fate of my deserted well that’s run dry. The temperature continues to stifle; my spirit is about to die.

We have reached a turning point, but there is no change to the story. Every moment is negligent escalation and tortured minds. Soon, we will run out of our meager provisions. Tomorrow we arrive at the end of the line.

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