Review: Supernatural “Despair”

I watched Supernatural season 15, episode 18 titled “Despair.” Richard Speight Jr. directed it. The story continued from last week; Chuck absorbed Amara’s essence and dismantled Death’s plan to kill him. Death sends Jack, now a cosmic bomb, into the Empty for safe detonation. Jack survives but loses his powers. Even worse, everyone that Dean and Sam know begins disappearing across the world. Sam and Jack try to prevent the erasure of the human race while Dean and Castiel go on a mission to kill Death. In the end, Castiel sacrifices his life to save Dean’s.

Misha Collins delivered an emotional performance. Knowing that this is the end made it difficult to watch his goodbye. The episode title conveyed the tone accurately. I believe those were real tears. With team “free-will” fractured at the core and no cosmic allies available to assist the Winchesters, it is interesting to see how they will save the world.