Review: Supernatural “Inherit the Earth”

In this episode, we continue with the rapture of every living soul on earth. Sam, Dean, and Jack end up meeting with Michael and hope he can open Death’s “God Book.” Michael fails but Lucifer shows up with a Reaper who he kills in order to become the new Death. Now, they can learn how God will die from the book but Lucifer kills Death and takes the book, for Chuck. Michael kills Lucifer. Sam and Dean come up with a plan to summon Chuck and fulfill the book’s ending. The boys and Michael attempt to summon Chuck to complete their plan but fail because Michael betrayed them. Chuck kills Michael and beats up Sam and Dean. This was all part of the Winchesters’ plan as Jack absorbed all of Chuck’s “God Power” and becomes the new God. Jack brings everyone raptured back to earth and says his final goodbye to Sam and Dean.

Just when things looked bad for the Winchesters, leave it to the boys to pull off the upset. I thought it was brilliant of the writers to have Sam and Dean outsmart Chuck by secretly learning of Jack’s ability to absorb energy and playing Michael against his own ego to trick The Almighty. Classic Winchesters’ moment. It was tough to see another ending but at least things are finally looking up for the boys. I also thought it was a nice touch seeing Castiel’s and Jack’s name carved into the table. How will the series close? Next week, is the two-hour finale. I can’t wait.