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Scarlet Letter


Goodnight kisses placed upon the flesh of eager anticipation; a morning bouquet of roses found withering along the murky farewell.  They are not forgotten, because these memories hold the lost souls of poignant emotions.  Their tears drip honey upon the core’s sentiment.  Breathing into the darkness, the cold sensations becoming the objects of desire; sorrow beckons the hope of amnesia to erase an eternity.  Those feelings never go away nor can they be easily discarded; once the heart is stained by love it carries the mark like a scarlet letter.


  1. David I am putting together a book of poems of love and desire and including a few poems from others. I would love to use with rights etc attributed to you. How would you feel about that? You have seen some of my writing I think so you can judge if mine is worthy to go alongside yours. Sam.

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