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Darkest Night


She ponders
The bewilderment
He left at her doorstep.

Poignant recollections…

Noticing him
Staring at desire
With a cynical glare.
Refusing to notice
Its exquisiteness
Darkened by that which hides
The light.

Her subtle beauty,
Too late to behold.

Feeling him
Lacking the sensitivity
To experience
That which rest below.

The surface of emotions
Pressed against cold reflections.

His tender heart,
Too late to touch.

Refusing to savor
the sweetness
Of adoration upon
Soft lips
Losing that which tantalize
The soul.

Her sweet affection
Too late to enjoy.

The love-offerings rejected and
Discarded upon the doorstep
Leaving sanity plagued by perplexity.

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