Opinion – Buying Popularity on Social Media

Last week, I read a blog post “Buying Likes and Followers? Get Outta Here!” on BookingAnita.wordpress.com, which raised the question, how much are you willing to spend on social media popularity?

READ POST: https://bookinganita.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/buying-likes-and-followers-get-outta-here/Ā 

8 responses to “Opinion – Buying Popularity on Social Media”

  1. Great video! On point with everything you said. Buying likes and followers is not the route anyone should ever take. Bravo on your video. Well done!

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  2. You’re right buying likes and popularity is like cheating. I also agree with the follow for a follow. The thing with that is, I find people follow me to get me to follow them then I never see them on my blog again.

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  3. I agree, I feel like if you’re putting the work into something that’s showcasing your talent, you’d want sincere followers. Who wouldn’t? Then again you make a good point, people think they can buy fame but really quantity doesn’t mean quality.

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  4. Integrity is very important. Our YouTube followers should be legitimate.
    Buying followers is like buying friends.
    Thank you for bringing this up. It is not worth sacrificing integrity just to look good.


  5. I really enjoyed your video. I see you like to speak the truth and that is something that speaks a million words…thanks for sharing your view that I totally agree on.


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